Where can I buy a ticket to the Livestream Celebrity Premiere?
Tickets can be found here.

When will Untitled Horror Movie be available?
The movie will have its Livestream Celebrity Premiere on Saturday, June 12th, 2021 @ 1pm Pacific Daylight Time. The movie will premiere in English but is available simultaneously worldwide, so check your time zone!

Tickets can be found here.

Can I purchase more than one ticket as a gift for a friend?
Yes, to do this, create an account with the gift recipient’s email, purchase the ticket, and then send them the login credentials.

What payment options are available?
We accept all major credit and debit cards.

If I pay for a ticket for the Livestream Celebrity Premiere when can I watch it?
The film will be available to stream LIVE on our website, June 12 @ 1pm Pacific Daylight Time. A recording of the event will be available to view for 48 hours after the live event.

Tickets can be found here.

What if I can’t make the Livestream Premiere but I still want to watch the movie, Red Carpet and/or Q&A?
The livestream will be recorded and available to watch and rewatch for up to 48 hours after the live event.

I purchased a Livestream Premiere ticket but am no longer available for the event. Can I get a refund?
Tickets are non-refundable, but you can watch and rewatch the event up to 48 hours after the livestream.

How many times can I watch the Livestream Celebrity Premiere over 48 hours?
You can watch as many times as you’d like in those 48 hours.

What if I miss the Livestream Celebrity Premiere or subsequent 48 hour streaming window?
The movie will be available on major VOD home entertainment platforms worldwide, including iTunes and Amazon, starting Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What devices can I watch the Livestream Celebrity Premiere on?
You’ll be able to watch the livestream on the following browsers (web and mobile): Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Browsers should be running software released within the past two years.

Will the movie be available to watch in my country?
The Livestream Celebrity Premiere will be available to stream in every country except mainland China.

What is the runtime of the movie and language?
87 minutes, English.

Which actors and filmmakers will be featured on the Virtual  Red Carpet and Q&A? *
All six (6) starring cast members are scheduled to attend the Virtual Red Carpet and Q&A from their homes. Please note cast schedules and involvement are subject to change due to professional obligations.
(*These events are only available to VIP Gold Ticket holders)

What is the VIP Post Show / Q&A?
The VIP Post Show will be an hour-long interactive Q&A featuring questions from VIP Gold Ticket holders. The hosted event will be a fun way for ticket holders to ask questions to their favorite cast members. We intend to allow for as many questions as possible, however, a ticket does not guarantee that you’ll have your question answered. VIP Gold Tickets can be found here.

How long is the full Livestream Celebrity Premiere event?
The Virtual Red Carpet is approx 45 minutes. The feature film is 87 minutes and the post screening Q&A event with the cast is estimated to last an hour.

Who do I contact if I am having technical issues prior to or during the Livestream Celebrity Premiere?
Contact Maestro: support@maestro.io

Is the movie really scary? Is it a comedy or horror?
It’s both. It definitely has some scary moments, but it’s predominantly a satire. Our director Nick Simon keeps calling it a comedy, but he thought The People Under The Stairs was funny, so… perhaps he isn’t to be trusted.

What is the movie rated?
The movie is Unrated in the United States. It has a rating of “15” in the United Kingdom by BBFC.

Will the movie be translated into other languages?
The Livestream Celebrity Premiere event will take place in English only. Once the movie launches on VOD platforms, it will be available in English and subtitled in fifteen (15) languages: French, German, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Hindi, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (LatAm), Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, Chinese (simplified), and Japanese.

What if I miss the Livestream Celebrity Premiere? When, where and how can I see the movie?
The movie will be available on major VOD home entertainment platforms worldwide such as iTunes and Amazon, starting Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

Where can I buy merchandise like hoodies and hats?
Please visit our shop here.

On the shop it says ‘All Sales are Final.’  What does that mean?
Our merchandise is printed on demand and our supplier does not provide refunds for buyer’s remorse or size exchanges. This means that unless the item is received damaged from the supplier, we’re unable to provide refunds or exchanges. Please make sure you have checked the size guide for the merchandise.

Are the hoodies oversized?
Typically, no. If you want a larger fit, order the size up from what you would usually buy.

How do I return a damaged item?
Please contact us at hello@untitledhorror.com with photos and details of the damage.

I have a problem that isn’t addressed here. Who can I speak to?
If you have questions about the livestream premiere, please email: support@maestro.io.

For press and media requests, please email: untitledhorrormoviepr@rogersandcowanpmk.com

For anything else, please email: hello@untitledhorror.com